Rotterdam Circusstad 2024

The Circusstad Gala was a two hour show that really knocked my socks off. It had a great series of unbelievable acts. Just look at the pictures above: Shu Takada 6 times world champion in Yo-Yo, Lisa Rinne with her trapeze act (wow), Glorious Bodies, Diane Salles (aerial, tissue), Tay Lane & Laura Stokes (hair hanging), clowns from Compagnia Baccalá and the unbelievably hilarious Circ’Olé! And that’s only half of what we saw that evening. Just wow.

The whole Circusstad Festival was unbelievably cool. I visited lots of acts and shows. Really good inspiration for my upcoming show ‘To Life‘. Here are some links to short reviews:

Also participated in Panorama Kino Theatre that was located at Rotterdam Central Station. We had a blast. Again as we already experienced this great act in Belgium.

Great thanks to all who made this possible. The festival offered great food and drinks in real glasses. And everything truly affordable. There were free and very clean bathrooms. Lot’s of (free) fun workshops and little performances.

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