KABAAL opens Rotterdam Circusstad Festival!

Kabaal is the result of a pressure-cooker in which 42 circus-talents were mixed with a few expert-trainers and a director. We developed the show in 3 days and it was the opening-show of the big circus-festival Rotterdam Circusstad. We had an overloaded house with all seats taken and a lot of people standing. The same goes for the second performance of the day. I enjoyed those 4 days to the max and miss it already.

Kabaal featured amazing aerial-work and acrobatics. The show has some great (group) juggling and magic on rope. There were diabolo-artists and – no shit sherlock – unicycles!

We spent 4 days training at Circus Rotjeknor. I was part of the talent-group from Circus Miloco from Leiden. There were also talents from other circuses too, even from Belgium. I all a great experience that really inspired me, and it was fun too.

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