Aloft – Brave Space

At Rotterdam Circusstad Festival (2024 edition) I saw a lot of acts and shows. Really, really loved the whole festival, including the Circusstad Gala. For me the best show is Brave Space by Aloft. The acting, co-operation and that intimate setting in the tent, all with the light, music and really great acrobatics. Brave Space is truly mesmerising.

This show has a real story, a soul. It’s touching. The way it’s told is so subtle, it’s so beautifully done. Real acting in a real world that the acrobats create together with the audience.

Brave Space starts in a dark empty space. Hidden in a pile of fabric are 6 great female acrobats (5 in the above photo). After they are born, they built a tent together with the audience. It is basically the world where life takes place. Brave Space is intimate and confronting as the magic happens right in front of you. And over your head. On just a few square metres they perform eg trapeze, tissue and cyr wheel. And you participate by helping them. The message is clear: we are in it together and we are equal. We have to take care of each other and be cautious about how we handle the little space we have. Brave Space is absolutely breathtaking.

The interaction between the artists themselves is great. They truly act. The emotions are real. It’s not the blink of an eye as a thanks for catching that you see at other acts. Here the emotions between the acrobat and the participants help to tell the story of Brave Space.

The lightning and some great music makes it truly immersive. It literally happens half a metre in front of you. Sometimes they ask you to lay on your back, so you can watch the aerial action. I do have some pictures of that, but won’t publish them as they don’t do justice on what you feel. You have to experience it for yourself.

Brave Space is a great show on vulnerability and the fragility of life. The message is clear: if we don’t work together and look out for each other, it won’t end well. For me Brave Space is the best show of Rotterdam Circusstad Festival 2024 (and yes, I saw Humans 2.0).

Check their website to find out if they are in your neighbourhood!

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