Panorame Kino Theatre in Maasmechelen

Panorama Kino Theatre is a participation-act based on improvisation. The theatre with an audience of 20 is rotating, making the environment the scenery for whatever story the cast decides to tell. To tell the story they need actors which they will find in the surroundings. You can play the full 25 minutes, but also appear in just one scene. I experienced both sides of the theatre: I was in the audience during “Lost and Found” end played “Boogie Fiesta” as cast. This was absolutely great fun and I’m looking forward to participating again in Rotterdam where they can be found in front of the big trainstation (Rotterdam Centraal) during Circusstadfestival 2024 on May 2 and May 3. Go visit them and participate in this awesome show.

And if you are in Rotterdam anyways: we will be playing KABAAL on May 1st. Admission free, see you there.

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