My Theaterwork


“Eaters” is a theateract of 15-25 minutes, in which I sing a song about cooking and guests that I’m expecting, while I’m using all kinds of circustechniques, including unicycles and juggling. Eaters won an award during the big talent show ‘Circus got Talent’. It was picked up by several outdoor-festivals, theaters and and schools.

“Eaters was the festival-opener of the big Storytellingevent ‘Tussenland’ in the city of Zwolle.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow is a theatershow of 60 minutes about identity and personal growth. My act Eaters is part of the show, but I perform more acts. With my unicycle I take you through the whole show from story to song and back to story and so forth. Over the Rainbow is a multicultural show, that includes a lot of European history and personal struggles of the two main characters (moi and Ksenia Marasanova). The show features over 20 songs. So far, in 2023 we have played ‘Over the Rainbow’ in Theaters and for schools.

To Life

This is is basically ‘Eaters part 2′. It’s longer, has even more circus and more music. And one Greek God. It will premiere on September 14 2024.

Earlier work

In 2022 I played Icarus in Utrecht, also featuring a unicycle (as you can tell). We performed the show a couple of times in Utrecht, but didn’t tour.