Rotterdam Circusstad 2024

The Circusstad Gala was a two hour show that really knocked my socks off. It had a great series of unbelievable acts. Just look at the pictures above: Shu Takada 6 times world champion in Yo-Yo, Lisa Rinne with her trapeze act (wow), Glorious Bodies, Diane Salles (aerial, tissue), Tay Lane & Laura Stokes (hair …

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Show for Liberation Day in Venlo

For liberation day (May 5) we played the music-theater show Arum dem Fayer in Venlo. Before the show I practised spins and rolls on my unicycle. After the show onstage we enjoyed a liberation-meal with part of the audience.

Acrobot – Daniel Simu

Acrobot is a clever act based around a programmable robot. When I mention robot you should think about a factory-robot, a machine that acts in a pre-programmed way. So it’s not (yet?) a robot with intelligence (like R2D2) or gyroscopes (like a gimbal). Acrobot starts with a high tec sales pitch. Then it transforms into …

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Circ’Olé – Flamengo, circus and comedy

Circ’Olé was sheer fun. It’s a lovestory with good music and some nice dans, aerial and acrobatics. Packed in a small theater everything happens right In front of you. There is a lot of audience participation and some really good showmanship. It featured flying guitars and flamingo pingpong. Awesome! Olé! More Circusstad 2024:


Shenanigans is a show by Henri and Batist about imagination and art in a world dominated by tech and screens. It’s highly interactive with the audience with balls flying all over the place. And a racecar literally racing through the audience. It’s a great show about the necessity of playing while growing up. The path …

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Kathrin Wagner – I was told

At the Rotterdam Circusstad festival I saw “I was told” by Kathrin Wagner. It was an interesting show about equality and feminism. It started slow and witty with a balance-act with one ring (to rule ‘m all, haha, just kidding). That transformed into juggling with 7, with a lot of interaction with the audience. That …

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Aloft – Brave Space

At Rotterdam Circusstad Festival (2024 edition) I saw a lot of acts and shows. Really, really loved the whole festival, including the Circusstad Gala. For me the best show is Brave Space by Aloft. The acting, co-operation and that intimate setting in the tent, all with the light, music and really great acrobatics. Brave Space …

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