Special Thanks

In my quest for growing by doing I’m supported by a lot of people. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Under the movie in alphabetical order.


I’m nothing without the Unicycle Community. The friendship and inspiration are true drivers for my daily training.

Ksenia Marasanova

Actress and singer, creates and plays shows. She tours in The Netherlands performing in theaters and on festivals. I have a side-job as audio-engineer during most of her shows. We also train together (running, yoga, fitness).


Mad4One manufactures unicycles and components for unicycles for the world of competition. Every detail is studied and designed for maximum efficiency and performance. Marco Vitale builds these unicycles by hand. It’s my brand of choice.

Meisner Acteerstudio

Meisner is an acting technique popular in the professional acting world (Hollywood, New York, etc). Famous Meisner-students are Tom Cruise, Sigourney Weaver and Ken Rockwell. The biggest European Meisner Academie is located in The Netherlands.

Circus Miloco Leiden

I discovered unicycling at Circus Pavarini in Zwolle, but changed to Circus Miloco in Leiden to be part of a specialist unicycle-group.

Roos Seegers

World-champion Roos Seegers is my coach, trainer and teacher. She helps with with my unicycle technique, but also with mechanics and even trail-building. Roos is a great teacher for people of all ages and a fantastic crafts(wo)man too btw.


German RideOne will forever have a special place in my heart. This Düsseldorf-based unicycle powerhouse organises great events and rides. They always bring something special.

Stage Royalty

Most pictures and movies on this website and on my social feed are shot by photographer Roy van Veen. Some edits are also his.

Unicycle Forever

My unicycle team with teammates from The Netherlands, Germany and Taiwan. UF is very important to me. My teammates are great friends. We cheer for each other and support each other. It’s really cool to train with this awesome group of people.


Wissel.nl enables you to swap gift-cards and trade them for money. They also sell giftcards with discounts. Ideal when you are looking for deals on hotels (!) or tickets for theater and cinema (but also for regular webshops like Bol, Amazon, and such).