Party like it’s 999

Today I went to the beautiful city of Leiden for a unicycle-training at Circus Miloco. This weekly training starts at 18.00h, but I have to travel 90 minutes to get there. To make the best of the visit we combine the unicycle-training with an educational project in the city. Currently I’m working on “The Netherlands” around the year 1.000 …. or in the words of my favourite museum “Party like it’s 999!”

The new exposition is about the region that later becomes the country of The Netherlands between 900 and 1100. It’s about the era where the region got his face (yet not his legal status) as a huge part of land was won from the water by building dikes, also a lot of landmarks like churches and canals were built. We see the influence of the Romans, the Vikings and the Holy Roman Empire (I once sat on Charlemagne’s Throne, more about that in another blog). As the western world was approaching the landmark-age of 1000, the religious people thought the world would vanish. Lovely times!

The exhibition has beautiful coins and some very nice old books (on chess-like games!). Just imagine reading a 1000 year old book. Then add the scribbly notes readers from the past put next to those old paragraphs. So fascinating.

And there is so much more. Like a bit of glass (yeah!) and other beautiful artefacts.

But I will blog about it another time, as this exhibition will be part of my project for the next 6-8 weeks. Btw, the exhibition ‘Het jaar 1000’ (the year 1000) can be visited till March 17 2024.

Afterwards I unicycled to Miloco Circus. This is a short impression of the tour.

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