Theatershow Eaters and Over the Rainbow

One year ago I designed my theateract ‘Eaters’. Then I decided to participate in ‘Circus got Talent’. It was a great experience. But I never expected this act to blossom like it does. What started as a 6 minute act became a standalone show of 15 minutes. And those 15 minutes grew into the bigger show called Over the Rainbow with a duration of 60 minutes.

We played Over the Rainbow in schools and theaters for schoolclasses. I really liked performing in front of a crowd.

Over the rainbow is basically a mix of Eaters and Arum them Fayer by Professional performer Ksenia Marasanova, which supports me as actress, musician and singer. We sing in several languages, ie English, Jiddisch, Ukrainian, Japanese and Dutch.

It is interesting to experience how something grows. “Eaters” started from a simple idea: I like unicycles, cooking and singing, let’s design something around that. I selected a (Yiddish) song and designed a flow around it. And rehearsed my ass off for “Circus got Talent”. And then festivals and theaters booked “Eaters”. During additional rehearsals the show grew with an extra song and much more unicycling (of course haha).

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