Show for Liberation Day in Venlo

For liberation day (May 5) we played the music-theater show Arum dem Fayer in Venlo. Before the show I practised spins and rolls on my unicycle. After the show onstage we enjoyed a liberation-meal with part of the audience.

Bye 2023

Talking about awesome! Yes, that was my 2023. I made a movie with most of my highlights. Probably forgot a few, as you can’t remember (or even capture) everything. Nonetheless am I very pleased with the movie showing my year. I wish you all the best for 2024!

Party like it’s 999

Today I went to the beautiful city of Leiden for a unicycle-training at Circus Miloco. This weekly training starts at 18.00h, but I have to travel 90 minutes to get there. To make the best of the visit we combine the unicycle-training with an educational project in the city. Currently I’m working on “The Netherlands” …

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