Unicycling in ZappSport Kantine

Dutch TV Show ZappSport Kantine was interested in Unicycling and the upcoming Unicycling World Convention and Championships in the USA. Two cool people of ZappSport followed me for the better part of the day, which included a theatershow in Dalfsen and an interview and some explanation on unicycles at a skatepark in the Dutch city of Zwolle. Direct link to unicycling in ZappSport Kantine. You find me in the episode at 12:35, but also in the intro.

In the former Synagoge of Dalfsen I performed my circustheateract ‘Eaters’ for schools as an introduction to the Feast of Tabernacles. I play this show often as introduction to Jewish holidays, also for Hanukkah and other festivities. Both as standalone act, as well as part of musictheatershow Arum dem Fayer. It’s a non-religious, a-policital theatre-act telling a tale about the importance of food and hospitality. The act combines unicycling (no way!) with live singing and acting.

The synagoge in Dalfsen is an old building. It was built in 1866 and active through 1937. It’s one of the smallest Synagogues of the Netherlands. As part of my performance dress up as cook while unicycling on a Giraffe (high uni). This was quite a challenge, given the small space that held a class full of children. But I managed and had lots of fun performing and telling this lovely story.

The Feats of Tabernacles in Dalfsen was organised by a local workgroup and lasted the whole week. It was amazing, with a lot of good energy. The workgroup really put their heart in making this a fantastic educational week.

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