Open Dutch Unicycle Championships 2024

Participated in the Open Dutch Championships 2024 and had a great time. Scored a lot of personal bests and had a brilliant day with my friends. 

The Open Dutch Unicycle Championships (NKE) once was my first unicycle-event ever. It is the event where I learned that you can do more on a unicycle than just cycle forward and backwards. This year was double special as I competed on behalf of my team Unicycle Forever / Miloco.  These days I visit lots of events, but the NKE always feels like coming home.

Long distances are my favourite

NKE is a track-event with sprint-distances and 5 and 10Kms. And you can also participate in the slalom, slow and long jump. It’s also a great social event, as we are one big family of people in love with the unicycle. I didn’t really train for this year’s NKE besides my regular routine, but my focus for 2024 was a personal best on the 5 and 10Kms and to avoid crashing on the sprint-distances. 

In the past I always crashed during the 50M one foot, 100M and 800M. It’s a challenge to deal with the energy-explosion. With a lot of focus I avoided that this year, even on the wet track. I even rode a personals best on all distances.

The long jump also went pretty okay despite the slippery track. Slow and slalom went bad, as I had too much of the 10Kms in my legs. 

Really proud of my personal bests

That brings me to the long distances, my absolute favourite. Last year in the 11+ category F I finished 7th at 30:15, some 3 minutes behind position 6. This year I was again 7th, but in 27:50, only 15 seconds behind number 6. Real progress! 

The 5 kilometers went also good. I improved from 19:47 last year to 19:07 this year and with my 5the place I was the fastest Dutch competitor. 

But the best thing is always the fun with my friends. That was true for yesterday to as it was a truly amazing event. 

In the Dutch media: 

All photos by Circus Miloco. Thank you Jeroen!


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