My circustheater-act Eaters

Took some time, but I finally made a promo for my circustheater-act Eaters. I have played the acts tenths of times. Lost count. I have played Eaters at outdoor and indoor festivals, and in theaters, churches, synagogues, schools and did even a show for TV.

The biggest show I played was at open-air Festival Tussenland which I opened for a crowd of over thousand people. At the same festival Eaters was the support-act of the famous Juggling Tango. And I warmed the crowd up for the acrobats of Feuerwer. Such a cool experience.

The biggest indoor-show was in the big theater of Leeuwarden (Schouwburg). For over 900 people I performed Eaters in the finals of the big talent-show. I was stoked to be able to perform there and astonished when I even won an award.

In Eaters I use several circus-techniques to tell a warm story. I also act and sing live a fitting song. I play two versions of Eaters:

  • A regular version of 15 minutes.
  • A longer version of 25 minutes: even more circus and music.

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