Israeli Unicycle Convention

Unicycling for me is about the community. Compared to football, we are only with a few. I can’t think of anything better than unicycling with other unicyclists. The fun together, helping each other and the learning by doing. To me it’s absolutely the best thing in the world. That’s why I try to visit as …

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NKE Training

Saturday April 13 is the traditional training-event for the Dutch Championship of Unicycling (NKE: Nederlands Kampioenschappen Eenwieleren). The Dutch Championship focuses on track-disciplines like the 100m, 800m, 5km and 10km. But there is also slalom, 50m 1 foot, 10m slow and long jump. I participated for the first time in 2021 (photo) and had a …

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Thank you LAUCC2024!

What an experience! Don’t even know were to start to describe it all. I think I will do it in a few posts. Let’s start with a general wrap up. For those who don’t know it: LAUCC is the Latin-American Unicycle Championship and Convention. The 11th edition is called LAUCC2024 and was held in Bogota, …

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My first Muni experience

As The Netherlands is really flat we don’t have a Muni-culture. Most unicyclists from Holland follow the same path I took: you discover the unicycle in a youth-circus and if you like it you start unicycling track. I still do track and I love long distances (10+ kms). But for my first muni experience I …

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My stay in Bogotá

My dad and I have rented a small apartment next to La Candelaria, the vibrant heart of Bogotá. It’s beautiful, yesterday’s pictures were taken there. Our apartment is in the top of a high-rise. It’s very practical. We have a small kitchen, decent bathroom/shower and good beds. It has one window overlooking a part of …

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Hello Colombia!

So here I am, 9000 kms from home in sunny Colombia. Downtown Bogotá to be more precise. This city is home to 11-and-a-half million people and is in 2024 host of the Latin American Unicycle Championship and Convention. Or the Campeonato y Convención LatinoAmericano de Monociclo as it is known in Spanish. Hello Colombia! It’s …

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Bye 2023

Talking about awesome! Yes, that was my 2023. I made a movie with most of my highlights. Probably forgot a few, as you can’t remember (or even capture) everything. Nonetheless am I very pleased with the movie showing my year. I wish you all the best for 2024!