Sunny Leiden

Yes folks, after months of rain we suddenly had a dry and windless day. It was quite a shock as I didn’t recognise the sun at first too. But that gold stain in the sky made it possible to train on the streets of Leiden with my friend Julia. We practiced some jumps and flips. Can’t tell you much about it, as sunny Leiden will be in the upcoming Unicycle Forever team-movie.

It felt good to unicycle on the streets on such a sunny day without any wind. Don’t get me wrong, as we are used to a lot of rain in Holland. But normally we have a serious cold winter between a wet fall and a somewhat sunny spring. This year it is different as a very wet fall morphed right into a chilly and extremely wet spring. So every second of sun is celebrated.

Long day

At the end of the Miloco-training I unicycle to the train station. The golden light draw beautiful longs shades, making Leiden feel like a fairytale city like my hometown Zwolle also is. Both cities are old and have an interesting past. The city of Leiden came to fame during the Dutch ‘Golden Century’ (1650-1750), where Zwolle was a Dutch Hanseatic powerhouse between 1450 and 1550.

Such a Monday is long day for me so I have to eat enough and stay hydrated. From home to Leiden is apx. 90 minutes by train for me. In the train I do some homework, chemistry and some Ukrainian this time. Then some 2 hours training on the street with Julia, followed by 90 minutes training with the Unicycle group at Circus Miloco. Then 90 minutes back home with more homework (maths) in the train. After a good (warm) lunch, in the train I live on these HiPro quark snacks, really affordable and sugerfree.

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