My stay in Bogotá

My dad and I have rented a small apartment next to La Candelaria, the vibrant heart of Bogotá. It’s beautiful, yesterday’s pictures were taken there. Our apartment is in the top of a high-rise. It’s very practical. We have a small kitchen, decent bathroom/shower and good beds. It has one window overlooking a part of the city that’s on the brink of being remodelled/rebuild. 

Our neighborhood has a lot of restaurants and small places to eat or have coffee. There is a shopping center with a nice and compact supermarket. We spent a lot of time there discovering all kinds of local fruit and bought some for the apartment. 

For the championship I only brought one unicycle: my trusty 19” inch by Mad4One. To fit a suitcase I had to take it apart. And that means reassemble it in Colombia, which I did listing to some great Salsa tunes from local radio. 

Tomorrow is the start of the Championship. I will do a light training today and enjoy some sights. And I certainly will taste ajiaco somewhere. That is a thick soup with beans, potatoes and chicken. 

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