My first Muni experience

As The Netherlands is really flat we don’t have a Muni-culture. Most unicyclists from Holland follow the same path I took: you discover the unicycle in a youth-circus and if you like it you start unicycling track. I still do track and I love long distances (10+ kms). But for my first muni experience I traveled abroad, to Bogotá Colombia to be exact.

The muni-experience was part of the Latin American Unicycling Convention and Championship where I was competing. As it was my first unicycle experience overseas I only took one unicycle, my trusty 19″ Mad4One. I competed in every discipline on the unicycle and also did the Muni (Uphill, Downhill and Cross-country) competitions with it. I had a blast, but it was very heavy.

The track was awesome. As was the introduction, with the instruction. We first walked the whole track with an expert explaining the points of interest. And you could practise those, without time-pressure. Safety first, so to speak. It was a long, but really cool day in Colombia.

I made a short covering the day:

Like the short from Bogotá, Colombia? You can find more shorts and reels in this post about the Latin American Unicycle Championships and Convention 2024.

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