More Art-Boxes arrived in Ukraine

Another batch of art-boxes has arrived in Ukraine. This time in a hospital where they treat children of all ages. The kids have physical war-injuries and are in need of special care. They stay in the hospital for a longer period of time, so these Art-Boxes will help them through those endless days of hoping to get well.

Special care means that the children are far from their home, they don’t have their parents present. If those parents are alive at all. The kids spend a lot of time on their own in the hospital. Sometimes they can play or talk with friends, sometimes with a volunteer. When they spend time together with someone else it most of the time is with their medic.

About the Art-Boxes

I designed the Art-Boxes myself and have found all kinds of ways to raise money for the project. First of all I have my pocket-money. But I also perform on the street and in theaters to raise money. Last week I had unicycle-conventions and competitions abroad and that gave me the opportunity to perform on the streets of Athens, near the Acropolis. More on the Art-Boxes can be found in this Blog.

Want to help? 100% of all donations is converted into art boxes. Transactioncosts (etc) are sponsored. Donate here for Art Boxes.

The picture above shows a stack of Art-Boxes in Ukraine. Designed and and packed in Zwolle, transported to Ukraine by volunteers and also distributed in Ukraine by volunteers (who drive in their own car up to the front-lines to get the boxes to kids in need).

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