Landed my first ever 540 Unispin at GUC

Sofia jumping up while she spins the unicycle underneath her. Landed my first ever 540 Unispin at GUC.
Landed my first ever 540 Unispin at GUC 2024

The German Unicycle Championship of 2024 was great. Eh no … it was beyond great. Had a fantastic time with my friends, completed the tricks I wanted in the competition and – DRUMROLL – landed my first ever 540 Unispin at GUC!

The absolutely fantastic atmosphere at every event organised by RideOne always brings the best out in me. It’s a combination of the people, inspiration and the workshops. Actually, it mostly the people. The joint effort of the whole RideOne team combined with the chemistry in my own Unicycle Forever Team and the some magic by Roos Seegers is what makes everything sparkle. The proof is in the results of when and where I landed my firsts:

  • 2023 GUC (Summer): 180
  • 2023 ROC (Fall): 360
  • 2024 GUC (Summer): 540

Thanks RideOne for yet another marvellous event. Also a big thank you to all my supporters. See you at one of your open rides or otherwise at ROC.

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